The Zel Team Announces holiday “Give back to the community.” Encouraging users to enable decentralized two-factor (d2FA) authentication and secure their blockchain assets!

To celebrate Christmas and the fantastic work we have accomplished this year, the Zel team will be sending enough Zel to enable d2fa on every ZelCore wallet users we have. That is well over 165k users! We believe in protecting yourself, and this is an excellent way to get some Zel into the community’s hands! Check out Goose’s video below explaining all the good bits!

We will also be giving away 2,500 Zel each day from December 26th to 31th, and on New Years Day, we will give away 10,000 Zel, enough for setting up a fresh Basic ZelNode!

The Zel Team is excited to announce that we are officially launching our Community Incentives Program. It’s time to “mine with your mind” and earn $Zel for community contributions of new and unique content.

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Monthly Spot Incentives Categories

  1. Content Creator of the Month: Blog post, Reddit post, a fun video, quality memes, on any Zel related content! This can include mining, nodes, Flux, and ZelCore. Once a month, a user will be selected and added to the “Wall of Fame”.
  2. Technical Support: Helping other community members with technical issues they run into, above and beyond. ZelCore, ZelNodes, Flux, and so on. …

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VeriBlock has chosen ZelCore to become the world’s first commercial wallet to integrate its Proof-of-Proof (“PoP”) mining technology. Starting today, ZelCore Wallet’s 150,000+ users can earn VeriBlock ($VBK) coins for participating in PoP mining on the VeriBlock Security Network whenever they send Bitcoin transactions. VeriBlock now joins Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), and other notable projects as a default asset in the ZelCore Wallet. In celebration of this partnership, 1.5 million VBK have been donated to ZelCore which they have chosen to share with the first 15,000 users who upgrade their wallets before December 21st.

“The nature of market economics dictate that Proof-of-Proof mining would inevitably be integrated into wallets and help subsidize Bitcoin transaction fees,” noted Justin Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO of VeriBlock, Inc. and Director of Xenios SEZC. “We knew ZelCore was the perfect partner to showcase this amazing technology because they understood the economics of PoP immediately and are incredibly passionate about bringing new innovative technologies to their community.” …

The Zel Ecosystem has so many moving pieces, it can be confusing at times. This article is a digestible high-level summary of the entire project

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Zel, ZelCore, ZelNodes, ZelID, Flux, Labs, so many modules making up a complete Ecosystem

The Zel Ecosystem

The Zel Ecosystem is ZelCore (the blockchain wallet), Flux (the decentralized network & data layer), and Zel (the coin & digital ledger). All three of these projects, although being separate, play into and support each-other.

Zel (The Asset)

Zel is a cryptocurrency and blockchain that powers the entirety of the Zel Ecosystem. This asset has a supporting role in ZelCore and a fundamental role in Flux. On its surface, Zel is a mineable digital currency based on the technological foundations of the cryptocurrency ZCash, which is based on Bitcoin. Zel utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-SNARKS), a privacy protocol that was created in the 1980’s by MIT researchers. Zel is a finite asset, which is distributed via a block reward. …

Zel Team announces partnership with, a blockchain based video platform running on the LBRY network.

Zel seeks to expand their audience and introduce the Zel Ecosystem of products to a growing community of viewers and content creators. As part of this effort to help grow our audience, Odysee is offering free crypto for creating a new account on Odysee. More details below.

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Zel Labs Videos on Announcement

“Top creators, self-respecting users, the privacy conscious, computer geeks, freedom lovers, loveable kooks, and readers of small gray text everywhere ?choose LBRY, because it’s open, fair, and free.” —

Odysee is a user-friendly website that makes it easy for people to engage with their favorite content creators online. They also make it super easy to sync content from YouTube. It’s not a YouTube clone by any stretch, but it supports some of the creature comforts many of us have come to appreciate from other sites, such as likes, dislikes, repost, and share. …

We are getting ready to distribute KDA coin to ZelNode Operators that are running the Kadena Full Node zelApp

KDA partnership ANN is posted HERE

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Zel and Kadena are co-developing zelApps that run on Flux to deploy Kadena blockchain assets on ZelNodes. The ZelNode Operators that run the first zelApp, the Kadena Full Node, will receive a piece of 25,000 KDA per month. Currently, both Super and BAMF ZelNodes are able to run the Kadena zelApp and participate in the KDA distribution.


October — November 2020: The Zel Team is working on the Kadena Full Node and the Data daemons to run on Flux. …

Zelcore and Zcoin have partnered to bring an easy way to create, view, and manage your XZC nodes all in one place.

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With Zelcore’s ($ZEL) vision to bring ease of use to the broader market, we are excited to announce our partnership with Zcoin to bring $XZC nodes to Zelcore!

Zelcore now fully supports XZC full nodes, allowing users to create new nodes in an extremely easy manner. With this brings an easy node setup guide without having to deal with any command-line programming. The XZC full node also offers daemon encryption and Zelcore’s second layer of encryption that encrypts the wallet.dat …

And why it changes Blockchain as we know it. A snapshot of the new disruptive technology.

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Flux is a Decentralized Computational Network utilizing over 800 private servers and over 100 node operators. It allows for applications, written in any dockerizable language, to be launched simultaneously across multiple nodes. Flux currently utilizes Docker and Dockerhub to support interoperability across programming languages. Flux is underpinned by ZelNode operators who are rewarded with a portion of the Zel block. Initial projects launching on Flux during its beta stage will be limited and launched without a formal governance process in a centralized manner. …

Zelnode Operators can receive monthly $KDA on top of $ZEL rewards for helping Kadena peer their blockchain continuously

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Zel Technologies ($ZEL) and Kadena ($KDA) are pleased to announce our working business partnership. Kadena Validator Nodes will be globally deployed and operating on Zel’s soon-to-be-released Flux decentralized computational network. This roll-out will strengthen over the next several months and scale to meet the needs of the two communities.

This business development relies on the Kadena Project providing the Zel Foundation with a monthly allotment of $KDA coin to be distributed to ZelNode Operators. …

ZelCore is proud to announce that trading on Gemini is now available for all users in ZelCore, via Gemini’s institutional-grade API infrastructure.

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What does this mean for ZelCore users who trade on Gemini?

Current ZelCore users will have the ability to integrate their Gemini account using their Gemini API keys to trade directly in the ZelCore platform from their Gemini account.

Why Gemini, what makes them interesting for ZelCore users?

Gemini offers one of the best all-round packages for a variety of customers ranging from someone just getting started with crypto to customizable trading and custody solutions aimed at institutional grade investors.

They combine this wide range of exchange and custody products with world-class security and a team active in their pursuit of the next level of security for both custody and trading solutions.

Transparency in the driver’s seat!

ZelCore has an ongoing process to ensure a fully transparent process from the users’ point of view, recently restructuring to facilitate greater customer engagement, community participation, and compliance for overall guidance in their own specific ways. …


Zel Official

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